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Sieupreme: The Ultimate AIO Supreme Bot Chrome插件


Sieupreme: The Ultimate AIO Supreme Bot Chrome插件图文教程

This extension is currently a paid extension via the website. It's $34.99 for a lifetime license with free updates. One of the fastest and most easy to use Supreme bots on the market. You can purchase it here: https://kicksfor.us/app/sieupreme/

Sieupreme is an automation extension for supremenewyork.com

Make sure you have the updated version: v1.0.24

In order for this extension to work, you must use it with https://kicksfor.us/app/sieupreme/

Currently supports US, CA, EU, JP
* Automatic Checkout
* Autofill billing
* Search by keyword
* Click to cart or automatic cart mode
* Timer
* Checkout Delay
* All data is stored locally

Please report any bugs via chrome or twitter.

Developer Twitter: @KingSieu
Company Twitter: @KFU_Official

V0.1 - Lots of major fixes (item searching, item finding)
V0.2 - Minor update.
V0.3 - Recoded backend.
v0.4 - Updated webapp, included locales (CA & US), fixed timing to prevent ghosting, one-size items now supported.
v0.5 - Silent update
v0.6 - Click on the icon to open the web app, also web app is automatically opened on installation.
v0.7 - Extension and Webapp now uses SSL to secure connections.
v0.9 - EU/JP added.
v0.10 - JP disabled
v0.11 - Rewrote bot, now has auto retry, checks cart for item, if item is not there, re-adds it. Super fast speeds now. Also has keywords for both titles & colors.
v0.12 - Fixed auto retry.
v0.13 - Fixed card payment info as well as timing delay for auto checkout.
v0.15 - Rewrote Sieupreme to accommodate slower computers.
v0.15 - Fixed carting issue.
v0.16 - Silent update.
v0.17 - Maintenance.
v0.18 - One size support added, corrected size bugs.
v0.19 - Captcha bypass
v0.20 - Captcha bypass enabled for everyone automatically
v0.21 - Captcha bypass disabled, fixed a bug that prevented carting.
v0.23 - Patched all bugs.
v0.25- Patched bugs, added shorts.
v1.0.0 - Complete reworked. Includes features such as click to cart and auto cart.
v1.0.1 - Fixed refreshing
v1.0.2 - Fixed sizing for add to cart
v1.0.4 - Fixed some bugs.
v1.0.6 - Carting shoes works again.
v1.0.8 - Fixed searching items and opening of multiple tabs.
v1.0.9 - Supreme updated the store which rendered many bots useless. Made this bot more dynamic to prevent breakage from future updates.
v1.0.11 - Supreme Japan is now supported.
v1.0.14 - Fixed autofill issues + belt sizes.
v1.0.15 - Fixed searching
v1.0.17 - restock mode
v1.0.18 - added skate sizing to auto cart.
v1.0.19 - fixed restock mode and added paypal support.
v1.0.20 - included captcha harvester integration
v1.0.23 - fixed bugs
v1.0.25 - fixed item searching
v1.0.26 - fixed hosting issues. 查看更多

Sieupreme: The Ultimate AIO Supreme Bot Chrome插件图片

  • Sieupreme: The Ultimate AIO Supreme Bot插件图片
  • Sieupreme: The Ultimate AIO Supreme Bot插件图片
  • Sieupreme: The Ultimate AIO Supreme Bot插件图片
  • Sieupreme: The Ultimate AIO Supreme Bot插件图片
  • Sieupreme: The Ultimate AIO Supreme Bot插件图片

Sieupreme: The Ultimate AIO Supreme Bot基本信息

插件名称:Sieupreme: The Ultimate AIO Supreme Bot 插件作者:Sieu 插件语言: English 官方站点:https://kicksfor.us 插件唯一标识:oadioddaeioaemflldmjenfeelhoecpo

Sieupreme: The Ultimate AIO Supreme Bot用户数和评分

下载次数:1859 用户评分:3.41935 (共5分) 参与评分人数:62

Sieupreme: The Ultimate AIO Supreme Bot文件信息

当前版本:1.0.26 最后更新日期:2020-05-01 文件大小:80.0KiB

Sieupreme: The Ultimate AIO Supreme Bot下载地址

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